Welcome to The Driving Sim. This is a private driving simulation I started developing a few years ago. The main focus was and is realistic vehicle behaviour under "normal" driving/racing conditions (no demolition). Another focus are large, completely drivable terrains that are as easy as possible to create and edit directly within the game. It is meant to be a modeable platform to create different driving/racing scenarios, be it just driving around in a large terrain on long and winding roads, race on a track or combining those two in rallye racing.

I did not use any existing graphics or physics engines during the development, simply out of interest. Also I don't have to worry about licensing issues now :-). All the content (models, textures, etc.) was created by myself using a number of free tools or was generated within the game.

There is currently no demo available but hopefully will be soon.

Have a nice day,

Klaus Daubner


16. November 2007 Added a new video and a few screenshots.
28. October 2007 Website Launch.
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